Friday, November 15, 2013

A new jerk in town...

With the time Ashley, Kaleigh and I spent in the woods last month, we realized that we were often eating vegan jerky.  It is an easy high protein and fat treat to take on a hiking trail.  However, vegan jerky is often expensive and not always very good.  The solution?  Make it myself.

I made it with a variant of my basic seitan recipe.  I then made a sauce and marinated it in the oven for several hours on a low tempurature.  This gave it a really dry texture, much like traditional jerky.

This is a recipe I will share as I perfect it.  Currently, it is really good.  I even shared it with a number of folks at work, nearly all of which said that they would not have know it was not meat.  It came out wonderfully dense in flavor. 


luminousvegans said...

Daaang! That looks soo good. Can't wait for the recipe. This looks a lot better than the storebought stuff.

Shaheen said...

Oh your teasing me. I so so want to make it. Give it to us please.